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IT Internship Courses in Ahmedabad

Internship Program :

An internship is very important to your career success. An internship is a single, multi-week work experience.

An internship is the new entry-level job. Employers want to hire college grads who not only have the required education and training for the job, but relevant experience as well.

Through your internship with our group, you might even discover some gaps between classroom instruction and the skills needed for successful carrier in the field of IT Industry, under supervision of our professionals.The programs are designed to let you think out of the box and develop several interesting engineering projects.

Why An Internship is Important?

Students have very limited view about software development in general and may not know what to expect from an internship.

College projects usually short-sighted,in real-world projects many questions fundamentally affect decisions about hardware,technologies/tools to be used, system architecture, algorithms, and so on.

Internships in software development are good for both the company and the interns. As a developer, internship projects teach you how to build a successful software product. For a company, interns bring in the diversity and fresh perspectives that are required to take the product to the next level.

How we can help you?

  • A Welcoming Environment
  • Real-World Experience
  • Academic Theory & Best Practice Application on our group projects -->(click to view projects)
  • Self-Directed & Team-Driven Components
  • Front-End & Back-End Engineering Intern
  • Will gain a better understanding from our developers team from various domain
  • Understanding of Test Driven Development approach
  • Understanding and implementation of Spring MVC architecture
  • Introduction of ORM (Object Relational Mapper)
  • Understanding of usage REST APIs in project
  • Better understanding of the business objectives to build software
  • Better understanding to meet expectation of end-user

Richa Udhwani

Ahmedabad University

Internship on live projects of V-Care Group has created lots of confidence in myself and I learned importance of structure and work flow which is key parameters of any IT projects. I find opportunities to learn new things from seniors, who are very friendly, supportive. As a female candidate, I found good corporate environment and got lots of respects. Thank you, V-Care Group.

Sarthak Vachheta

Ahmedabad University

It was great experience during my internship on final year project with V-Care Group. Method of explain various aspects of IT project by senior was very helpful for me to clear my doubts. It is very welcoming and friendly environment for students like us. I am thankful to V-Care Group to help me lots for successful completion of my internship project.

Nigam Patel

Ahmedabad University

During my internship on IT engineering projects with V-Care Group, I gained lots of experience and learned many new things during this. It will be great helpful to me in my future career. We were treated as a part of company and I liked culture and appropriate ambience which most important factor for software developer.Thank you, V-Care Group for giving me such great opportunities.