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Web & Graphic Design

Graphic Design Courses in Ahmedabad

Web & Graphic Designing :

Web designing & Graphic designing is an important course which has lot of scope in the present and also in future.

In India, one of the biggest industry is Web Designing & Graphic Designing which provides a possible room for a career opportunity in IT or the software industry.

We train you on industry-relevant employment-oriented skills through the most advanced tools and technologies with the help of expert faculty. Our Courses, that train you for careers in graphic designing, web designing & development.

Web Designing course

These days IT is considered one of the emerging industries and it gives an opportunity for web designing. Web designing is vital for any industry. It allows the company to directly interact with clients and agencies around the world. It is also the face of the company. In today's world "Geography has become History", thanks to websites and technology.

Spending much time on the internet and the demand for websites are the main reasons for preferring web design as a career. Our web designing course helps to get job. This certification increases the weight of your IT knowledge in recruiters mind. It will help you to update current features which is required for weightage of the website.

Course Syllabus

  • Concepts of Web Designing
  • Concepts of HTML 5
  • Concepts of CSS 3
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Java script
  • Bootstrap
  • JQuery

Graphic Designing

Graphic designers are required in many industries like Advertisement industry, Print Industry, Web designing industry etc.Graphic designers use a wide variety of visual mediums to communicate messages via shapes, fonts and colors on print design, websites and social media. As a Graphic Designer one can also work as a Freelancer.

"Never stop Learning" . Being updated in the field is really important, if one stops learning, one stops progressing. Now a days companies need a employee who do graphic designing along with good knowledge of Web Designing.Hence Web designing with Graphics designing,go hand in hand, as far as recruitment in concerned .

Course Syllabus

  • Fundamentals of Drawing
  • Concepts of Graphics
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Corel Draw
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • In Design