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Focus on Opportunities,Which Can Be Scaled Up

The high premium that employers place on work experience shows gaps between formal education and work readiness. We make it easier for small businesses to hire young people, making sure a young person is ready for the for commercial world and can succeed. With same vision, V-Care Educon has designed various activities & modules which enhance candidate's skills.

We also know that the world of work is changing in disruptive and unknown ways. But we can see that there are opportunities for young people who can be scaled up with purpose to reach specific goals and improve workplace performance.

Competence, Confidence, Career all at One Place

We use research to develop insights and drive interventions that can transit young people into jobs and address the global challenge of unemployment more effectively. This is about more than just hard skills - it is also about the behaviours, socialisation and understanding that will allow a young person to succeed in a first job or in further career.

On the basis of concrete research on industries and their requirements, our team has developed courses that enhance candidates' technical skills, groom their interpersonal skills and help them to be job ready before they actually start working.

IT Internship Courses in Ahmedabad

Internship Program :

  • An internship is very important to your career success. An internship is a single, multi-week work experience.

    An internship is the new entry-level job. Employers want to hire college grads who not only have the required education and training for the job, but relevant experience as well.

    Through your internship with our group, you might even discover some gaps between classroom instruction and the skills needed for successful carrier in the field of IT Industry, under supervision of our professionals.The programs are designed to let you think out of the box and develop several interesting engineering projects.

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Shipping & Logistics Course Ahmedabad

Shipping & Logistic Course :

  • Considering the importance of the export and import cycle it is important that it is managed in a professional and effective manner.

    To ensure this there is a need for the qualified professionals, who can stand up to deal with the practical issues that companies involved in international trade face.

    Our designed course, will cover detailed steps that will insure imports and exports swiftly pass through foreign customs offices. Students also explore payment methods, risk analysis, and import-export documentation. Our Group also running student internship program on shipping & logistics practices.

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Programming Languages Training in Ahmedabad

Programing Languages :

When you plan to start a career in the path of programming, it's important you choose wisely the languages you want to learn.

The best way to learn these languages by joining a software development Institute which can provide courses in various languages. Our institute offers courses on below programming languages.

  • C; C++; C# Language
  • Core & Advance Java
  • VB .Net & ASP.Net
  • Android

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Corporate Training in Ahmedabad

Corporate Training :

  • In today's competitive world, companies look for the candidates who have something extra along with their technical skills.

    Here the corporate training comes into the picture. Corporate training improves communication skills, grooms your personality and helps you integrate your goals with oragnizational goals.

    Our group has designed module, which will help you to improve your oral and written communication; will give you knowledge of corporate culture and etiquette; will help you for faster growth and better pay scale.

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Tally Course in Ahmedabad

Accounting Courses :

  • The field of accounting is always remains in demand as it is the backbone of every business entity.

    It is a very crucial part of an organization, for managing payroll, auditing and financial management. Due to the individual demand of different companies, the demand of accountants is increasing.

    Most of the small and medium businesses in India and outside use Tally or Quickbooks as their accounting software. Our group has designed crash course on on Tally and Quickbooks. One can pursue the course after completing their 10+2 education with commerce subjects.

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Web & Graphic Design Course in Ahmedabad

Web & Graphic Designing :

  • Web designing & Graphic designing is an important course which has lot of scope in the present and also in future.

    In India, one of the biggest industry is Web Designing & Graphic Designing which provides a possible room for a career opportunity in IT or the software industry.

    We train you on industry-relevant employment-oriented skills through the most advanced tools and technologies with the help of expert faculty. Our Courses, that train you for careers in graphic designing, web designing & development.

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