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Logistics Solutions Company

Ship-Log Solutions

  • Complexity in the supply chain often arises when a number of relatively straightforward activities combine together in a complex way.

    Every job can involve several choices of freight transport and countless customs forms, making one feel overwhelmed.

    Our Group has developed software which can make your task easy and errorless. All processes from start to end has been implemented in proper flow after micro level discussions and study cases.

Best Conference/Meeting Room in Ahmedabad


  • This software & mobile application combines different core components that can serve as an end-to-end solution for organising your event, conference or seminar. It has data controls.

    Platform that is capable of handling all of your events. It's as simple as clicking a button and guests can be informed about the broadcasted event. Reminders about event registration deadlines & confirmation of event registration can be done automatically. Last and most important auto thanks email and feedback request to event participant.

Computer Academy Center in Ahmedabad


  • Have you ever thought of opening your own academic institutes? What are the challenges? What can lead it to be a failure or a success?

    How difficult is it to set up ? After deep study during execution at our academy center, group has analyzed the factors which affect the academic profession,and put the same in software product to ease the processes and hurdles. It will help you to increase your chances of success.